Cairns & Sydney

Cairnes SydneyWe were offered another few days of free accommodation up in Cairns, so we rocked up at Grandma Faye’s house to stay in the caravan under her house, pure 1960’s equipped with everything, ever, including a fridge full of towels.

Everyone lives on the flats in Cairns but the whole town is surrounded by mountains.
We journeyed up the mountains through the supposed oldest rainforest in the world
(we thought we’d already been to that in Malaysia – controversial) and came down over
a sick waterfall on the skytrain which is a faster, higher, luxury cable car. Lex took us up the mountains again the next day to a series of waterfall/creeks. We swam in the freezing water and slid down the natural slides in the waterfalls. Literally so much fun. Our last day was spent out on the Great Barrier Reef. The coral and the fish were next level but the sea was rather choppy making it not quite as relaxing as some other snorkels we’ve done. The currents were so strong we kept loosing each other and could only be re-uinited was to look for the others bobbing bun. Our last evening was spent having fish and chips on the esplanade donning hairband hats to play some hilarious games of celebrity… something with grandma Faye and the Norrie’s.

We flew down to Sydney and spent our days sitting in Hyde Park, walking to Kings Cross and going through Paddington- they’re very unoriginal with their place names. We day tripped to Manly beach and regretted our clothes choice as we lay on the beach in the wind. The next day we vowed not to over estimate the temperature so wore jeans to Bondi and ended up regretting that too, it was flipping hot. Sydney’s weather is hard to judge. We met up with Roseanna’s uni friend Jem by the harbour with a view of the opera house and harbour bridge and wandered round Sydney all evening discussing all of Australia’s weird traits.


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