We spent our final few Australian days in Melbourne, roaming the city’s endless vintage and coffee shops. It’s a super eclectic place with all sorts of interesting markets, galleries and eateries. We swung from inspired to depressed in equal measure as we realised we couldn’t buy everything we saw even though we loved it all.

One thing we did not love however, was our hostel for the first couple of nights. A big converted house with the definite feel of university halls and a constant smell of urine and weed. We had our own private room (aka a shed in the garden) and the hundreds of people who seemed to be staying there were friendly enough but it just wasn’t quite our vibe. Luckily, we had previously tried to sort out an Air bnb place which turned out to be available for the last few days of our trip, so we made the trek across town with our rucksacks but were more than glad we did. The home of two lovely artists with great style (we want everything in their house), this place was so perfect for us to do our own thing and explore the other end of the city.

Despite getting lost, a lot, and our initial bad housing situation, Melbourne has been an arty haven and we definitely see the appeal of the city.


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