New Zealand – North Island

North Island

We flew into Auckland and had a bit of a God send in our friend Rupert who picked us up from the airport, ferried us around to find a van and let us stay over. By the next day, we had a van kitted out with a bed, a make shift kitchen section and a name – Lucy.

Lucy has taken us up to the top of New Zealand to 90 mile beach which had masses of sand dunes and literally no-one around. On our way down we stayed in Waipoua Forest, went for a swim in the freezing river and lived the real camping life with a fire and marshmallows under the incredible stars.

The next few days brought us volcanic scenes with eggy smells, a hot spring bathe, an eventful fishing trip (involving dates for bait and Emma diving in after her fishing equipment, which she threw in) and a sand mountain. We spend most of our time marvelling at the rolling hills of farmland and pushing Lucy to her limits up winding mountain roads and gravel tracks – and usually turning round to come back down as our satnav has taken us the wrong way, thanks Lee. Our first sighting of snowy peak mountains came as we drove into Taupo, we joyously exclaimed. Stumbling upon a sweet free camping set up we spent the night by a giant lake with a view of the sun setting over the mountains.

We like New Zealand we do.

P.S. The internet is rubbish though so blogs are gonna be late, like this one already is.


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