Travelling Fact File

Days away: 190
Miles travelled: over 49,988
Countries visited: 11
Beds slept in: 101
Flights taken: 15
Boats taken: 28

Things we noticed about..
The most common English phrase is ‘Lovely Jubley’
They’re genuinely intrigued by white people
You have to take your shoes off to go into most buildings and some bridges
Sri Lanka
The men wear long towel skirts
Most old people have no teeth
All the food (and some drinks) taste of barbeque
They love Durian but its banned on public transport
The start of the squat toilets
The start of a side of soup with everything
Anything and everything on a moped
They offer open cans of Fanta to their gods (with straws)
They say ‘same same but different’ but who knows what they mean
Their helmets have bun holes
Pyjama two-pieces are very in fashion
The men walk around with their shirts pulled up and their bellies out
They have two currencies (Riel and Dollars)
Untrimmed mole hair
A town of no-man’s land at the Thai border
Fireworks are illegal
Lots of people don’t wear shoes
Everyone is genuinely friendly
New Zealand
Thousands of Privias
You often see old microwaves as letterboxes
They only sell pre-peeled onions
Public transport is horrendous
They can’t understand our accent
It’s exactly how it’s portrayed in the movies


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