First stop Dubai. After a flight with no sleep but a great smoked salmon starter (and mini tic tacs), we arrived in Dubai around 7am. We got picked up from the airport and pretty much went straight to church. With tiredness kicking in lets just say the prayer times were more like nap times.

We came to Dubai with Mark and Claire (Emma’s brother-in-law and sister) and were lucky enough to have local tour guides in their friends Adam and Charlotte. We pretty much packed all the classic Dubai sights into our short two day stop over and it was so nice to spend it all in such great company.

Although we had it pretty easy, when we did have to fend for ourselves, Emma used her savvy traveller skills to con our way past security up to Adam and Charlottes apartment and private pool. Not so savvy skills by us was the fact that of the three books we bought between us two of them are the same.

Highlights: The fountain display outside the Burj Khalifa – of which we watched around 7 of throughout the evening, set to such tunes as Thriller and a bit of Whitney. Genuinely impressive.

Lowlights: Roseanna nearly passing out on the plane for no apparent reason.

We are currently in Sri Lanka airport not feeling so fresh but looking forward to what is to come in India.

(We lied, the Sri lankan airport wifi didn’t work well for us so we are now in India and will update on that soon)