Singapore from Satnah

With what seemed like the longest bus journey and the weirdest border crossing we all got to Bangkok for our last evening together. We said goodbye to Rog at the airport the next day as we flew to Singapore and she flew back home (Rog we’re so glad you came, we miss you already).

Singapore is worlds away from anywhere we have been for the last 4 months. Both of us aren’t massively keen on the big cities but it has been nice to have some home comforts we’ve been missing, mainly orange juice.

Emma’s dad very kindly offered to pay for us to go to Raffles for afternoon tea, so we did our best to de-crease our shirts and look slightly presentable. Neither of us had heard of Raffles so we didn’t know what to expect – lets just say it’s posh! We enjoyed 3 tiers of sandwiches and cakes to the sound of a harp, getting even more treats up at the buffet. Our manners were on point until Roseanna’s cake crumbled in her hands and we got the giggles. Thank you Papa Bryden we had the best time.

Today is the end of our time in Asia as we fly to Australia to start the next leg of our journey.