The Rest of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Our time in Sri Lanka has been incredible. I met the girls in Colombo after their little break in Hikkaduwa. We spent a night in a hostel with a bunch of older gentlemen who were very pleasant but snored like bears during the night. Tired, we jumped on the observer carriage of a train in the morning and enjoyed the journey and sights through the mountains and jungle.

We spent a couple of nights in Kandy where we packed our days with trips around the lake, into markets and the temple of the tooth, where we were denied entry due to our indecent attire.

The next stop was Trincomalee in the North where, on our arrival, the host told us bluntly: “there is nothing to do here guys. Except going to Fernando’s Bar” This became true for most of our evenings, so much that Emma composed a short poem to illustrate our love of Fernando’s.

Fernando’s Bar,
Here we are,

But who can blame us. They served King Coconuts for £1.50. We added white rum to make them party coconuts.

On our second day we ventured out on an ambitious 10km trip along the beaches of Trincomalee to get to Nilaveli beach.Needless to say we didn’t make it very far as we foolishly found ourselves caught in the unforgiving midday sun. Thankfully, after seeing us struggle along the scorching sand, some locals invited us for coconuts and selfies.

As a result of our foolish trip in the 43C heat we were all awarded with patchy sunburnt skin but we did not let that stop us from heading to Pigeon Island the next morning for a three hour snorkelling session. We saw many sharks among other fish and discovered Roseanna’s skill at floating/inability to dive.

One final highlight from Trincomalee would be the night we set a bonfire up and watched the light show of a tropical storm far away in the ocean. Also Emma’s bonfire dance was quite a treat.

For the last part of our travels we journeyed down to Matara on an 11 hour bus journey that I would not wish to my worst enemy. The combination of rock hard seats, lack of ventilation, drunk men, dangerous driving and ridiculously crowded bus added up to a horrendous journey topped up with Em and Rosis’ rucksacks smelling awful from sitting in a pool of pee.

Matara quickly became worth the terrible journey. The house we stayed at had its own private beach, surfboards and a tuk tuk for rent!I was hooked from the moment Emma taught me to stand up on a surfboard to the point that my nipples chaffed even from the gentle breeze.

We went on two day trips with the tuk tuk to some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen where a variety of sea food was always on offer. Mirissa beach was particularly cool, the restaurant we were at had great surf vibes and in the evening, after some cocktails, I got to whip out my Jean Claude Van Damme dance moves for the girls.

All in all, my time with these lovely girls has been beyond what I expected. It has been my best holiday ever so far and I am but thankful to the Lord for all the good times.

Jorge, out!

The Rest of Sri Lanka



We were both a bit anxious about arriving in Sri Lanka, with the hassle we had last time and the fact we needed new visas but everything went through without any problem (thank the Lord). Our taxi to Hikkaduwa was long but provided us with free squash from the celebrating Buddhists.

We spent five days staying in a cabana with the cutest old Sri Lankan couple as our hosts – she was a great cook and he was a great toothless wanderer. Five days passed really quickly as we settled into village life making friends with various toothless locals, going to the beach and eating lots of seafood. Our highlight was a spontaneous lagoon trip on a fisherman’s boat. During the trip we unintentionally filmed monitor lizards mating, saw lots of flying fish and Emma got death threats from child monks. All this was topped off with an amazing sunset on the beach, shark for dinner and shisha.

Also we saw a turtle and met a baby monkey.